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Donation Drives


Anyone can set up a box in their school or business and collect donations for a local animal shelter. But we are SEASONED PROS, and we don’t mind bragging about it. If you are a teacher or a school principal, we would love to partner with you and explain to your audience why it’s important to be generous and kind. At the end of the week we bring in certificates for each participant, an animal adoption coloring workbook courtesy of our partner Maddie's Fund, a golden paw coin, AND some stickers and stamps (that the teacher may choose to share depending upon the culture of the school). We have also awarded prizes in the past, where every child who donates receives a raffle ticket to insert into the bucket of the prize they would most love to win. A version of this is also wonderful to pull off with corporate groups. And yes, all our presentations are given by kids… We’re “kid powered”, haven’t you heard?


Rescue Readers

Great Plains SPCA in Merriam has been kind enough to let us read to their dog and cat residents EVERY Tuesday after school. Due to Covid, we have foregone the online sign-up sheet and monthly theme calendar. In the future we hope to one day resume our Rescue Reader program. Rescue Readers can be as young as 5 or as old as 15, but a parent does need to sign a waiver before your first session. It’s obviously also important that you not be allergic to animals and be able to read well enough to get through a picture book. No matter what age you are, picture books are preferred for the animals. You’d be surprised how they love looking at the pictures. Also picture books are designed with smaller phrases and sentences that sounds soothing and sing-songy. You may notice that we often review books that we read to the pets, giving them a rating between one and four paws up. We are never paid to review books but we do often receive books in the mail from authors and publishers, and we do encourage these kinds of direct partnerships because it's important for less recognized or self published authors to be seen. We try to emphasize diverse characters and we do not shy away from talking about history or mature subjects.

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